Are you ready to take an expedition?

Texas Museums have teamed up to offer an unprecedented journey for students and teachers to learn by doing the work of real scientists:  exploring phenomena, creating new models, and grappling with complex problems.



Inquiry-based Learning for Tomorrow’s Scientists

An unparalleled, three-dimensional experience bringing the TEKS, phenomena and unique Texas Museum content to life through specimens, artifacts and real scientists. Coming Soon!

Working as powerful partners providing earth and space science curriculum:

A comprehensive science curriculum for tomorrow’s scientists in grades 3 – 5

What if your students were practicing scientists in every lesson? Using scientific information, unique phenomena and specimens only found in Texas, Texas Museums 360 (TXM360) transforms classroom learning into student-driven explorations.
Fully Interactive

Wild 3D Interactions

Museum in your pocket

Immersive & Engaging

Immersively go

Max Engagement

Eye to Details

Hands On Learning


Vast Exhibits in Hand

TEKS Aligned

The new science TEKS shift from teachers covering content to engaging students as scientists, uniting core content strands, science and engineering practices, and recurring themes and concepts in every lesson.

Texas Museum Content

Students can explore earth and space, force and motion, organisms and their environments all within our own state! Designed by museum scientists, researchers, paleontologists, archeologists, engineers and experts, TXM360 brings primary source material to life.

Three Dimensions

TXM360 delivers straightforward guidance in three dimensions in every lesson so that learning is built on student inquiry and experience. Learning will come to life for our Texas students.

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